Online Islamic Tution/Training for Kids & Adults

Online Islamic Tution/Training for Kids & Adults

There are some students who are getting formal Islamic education at Madrasas or Islamic schools, but finding it difficult to catch up with the studies, especially in reading Qur’an. This is mainly because they need more individual attention, which is sometimes not sufficient in Madrasas due to various limitations. In such cases, parents have no way other than arranging someone to provide Islamic tuition for such children.

* Learn right from your home; no need to go elsewhere.

* One-to-one classes, hence individual attention guaranteed.

* Scientific and psychological methods of teaching.

* Parents also can watch and participate in the learning process.

* Special attention on your child’s Islamic life too. 

* Choose your own time and schedule. We’re available round the clock.

* Learn whatever you want. Various courses like Qur’an Recitation Course and Essential Islamic Studies Course offered.

* Well-qualified, trained and efficient tutors. Male and female teachers available.

* Classes available in any language of your choice.

* Affordable costs. You enjoy the freedom to decide how much you pay.

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