Journalism Courses

Journalism Courses, Colleges

Diploma Courses

·    Diploma Course in Journalism & Mass Communication
·    Diploma Course in Rural Journalism
·    Diploma in Administrative Drafting & Reporting in Hindi
·    Diploma in Communication & Media Development
·    Diploma In Communication, Journalism and Public Relations
·    Diploma in Folkloristic & Journalism
·    Diploma In Journalism
·    Diploma In Mass Media
·    Diploma in Mass Media In Urdu
·    Diploma In Media Communication

Post Graduate Courses

·    Post Graduate Course in Communication
·    Post Graduate Course in Hindi Journalism
·    Post Graduate Course in Journalism
·    Post Graduate Course in Mass Communication & Journalism
·    Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism
·    Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Communication
·    Post Graduate Diploma In Journalism, Public Relations And Advertising
·    Post Graduate Diploma In Mass Communication & Electronic Journalism
·    Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Media
·    Post Graduate Diploma in Rural & Tribal Communication
·    Post Graduate Programme In Communication

Other Courses

·    B.A with Journalism
·    B.A with Mass Communication
·    B.A with Mass Communication & Journalism
·    B.A with Mass Communication & Journalism in Hindi
·    Bachelor Of Journalism
·    Bachelor Of Mass Communication
·    Bachelor Of Mass Communication & Journalism
·    Certificate Course in Journalism
·    Course in Mass Communication & Journalism
·    Course In Photo Journalism
·    Course in Sports Journalism
·    Course In Television Journalism
·    M.A in Journalism
·    M.A in Journalism & Mass Communication
·    Master Diploma In Journalism & Communication
·    Master Of Journalism With Cinema Studies
·    Master's Degree In Journalism And Public Relations
·    Master's Degree in Mass Communication & Journalis